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MeijerHGE requested to merge master into main

Changes to be committed: modified: GUI/ComputationConfigurations/ContConf_LC_LC.m modified: LimitCycle/init_PD_LC2.m modified: LimitCycleCodim2/nf_LPNS.m Bug Fixes GUI/ComputationConfigurations/ContConf_LC_LC.m line 20; Added option PD, to start the continuation of the original limit cycle branch

PeriodDoubling/init_PD_LC2.m; When starting with two system parameters (but not the period), the indexing in the function rearr returned an error. Fixed: Now handling situation with 1 or 2 system parameters separately.

LimitCycleCodim2/nf_LPNS.m In case of a Neutral saddle-LPC, the normal form coefficients should not be computed. Fixed: Now checking that idx2 is not empty on line 32 of nf_LPNS.m, if idx2 is empty (ie no complex multipliers found), then return an empty array and issue warning of neutral saddle.

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